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Wednesday, April 21, 2010



That is so awesome!! How freakin' cool is that. Glad your day ended with a smile. =)

Enid  Shaw

welcome back!!!
have you settled into thenew place?
what a lovely surprise to receive the book, and the nice dedications.
enjoy the weekend,
[ps, if I send Laurie a Xmas card, do you think she would send me a book? :) :p ]


That is so cool!!! I am very happy for you! And quite jealous about Stitches! Enjoy it for me also!


That's a way to turn a day around. I know Stiches was wonderful. What did you buy???


Very cool!! You are a rockstar :)


Oh, how nice Laurie is. I follow her blog daily, enjoying her cat pictures and her humor.

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