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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Janet Kelley

You'll be glad that you've gone through this down the road. I've started an exercise class that is the hardest thing I've ever done and I curse it the whole way through.The results I'm getting, though, make it all worthwhile


So proud of you!!! Getting out there and getting some exercise is great for your well being!!! It sucks at first, but great in the long run. Stick wth it!


This is a wonderful undertaking for you. It's always hard to start a new thing like this, but once you get into it, I'm sure you'll get a lot back out. Yay you!


Awesome JP! I'm glad you posted about it. I was wondering about those boot camp comments on Facebook.

Enid  Shaw

good to see you posting, but what about the last two weeks?
hope you haven't been too rigorous?

Remote labs

Boot camp sounds new to me. I am also excited for my Winter Camp.

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