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Wednesday, November 03, 2010



That didn't make me tear up. It made me cry. I hope the lesson her son took from this experience was the one he saw when his mom stood up for him. As a new mom myself, those other women completely shake me up. I do believe that's how bigotry starts.


I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face---he is a very lucky boy & she is an inspiration to mothers everywhere. As a Christian, I can honestly say, there are a lot of people who cover up their bigotry behind the label of being "Christian"


A friend of mine shared that same blog post on Facebook and I wept. Just made me want to hug my own child so hard. I love that Mom and her child.

Sherman Unkefer

Nice post! I also cried...


I can't believe the audacity of those people seriously he is a little kid & its Halloween & on top of that why do they care.

The way she handled the other mothers was wonderful

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She's marvelous to handle that kind of situation.

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